Terms and Conditions

If you consider subscribing to our "built for you" turnkey website blogs, you will have full access and control over your content. You will have full admin access to your Wordpress admin panel. We provide you with a great selection of in-demand premium Wordpress plugins. You are not allowed to upload your own plugins. If however you feel you need a certain plugin we will consider installing it for you. Please contact me via Facebook messenger.

Please use common sense and good faith policies when posting content to your website blogs. You are NOT ALLOWED to change, remove or edit the wording or placement any Affiliate Disclaimers on your website blogs. We don't allow marketing to children under the age of 13 on our blogs or any content that reflects and type of hate towards another person or group. 

You are not allowed to make ANY CLAIMS of income or promises of income results. Failure to honor ANY of our about terms may result in complete termination of your website blogs. Please make sure you've read and understand our NO Refunds Policy

Please contact me via Facebook Messenger regarding ANY questions or concerns. Respectfully Yours - Carpe Diem - Robert Farrell